Come climb with us

Climbing at Rock Mill is all about community. We designed the climbing hall to be an open space to boulder, train and hang out with friends. Our walls have routes designed for beginner to advanced climbers. Even if you’ve never climbed before, we invite to you come and learn with us! We offer instruction for beginner and seasoned climbers alike, check out the offerings below.


Intro to Bouldering — 30 min. 

Want to try climbing but don’t know where to start?

Intro to Bouldering is perfect for those looking for a guided approach for their first time bouldering. In this 30-minute class you will learn gym etiquette, falling technique, how to choose a route, and next steps to take on your climbing journey. Class normally runs once a week. Check the schedule for details. *Open to ages 12 and up. No prior climbing experience required.

COST: $25 (includes day pass and rentals) // Free for members

Intro to Bouldering

Bouldering I — 90 min. 

Looking for a more in-depth introduction into the world of bouldering?

This 90-minute class will teach you the techniques you need to make the most of your time bouldering. You’ll experience community in this small-group class as you work through boulder problems together and learn how to make bouldering a part of your fitness routine. You’ll learn hold types, proper footwork, body positioning, and route reading. Class normally runs the first Saturday of every month. Check the schedule for details. Open to ages 12 and up.

COST: $45 (includes day pass and rentals) // $25 for members

Bouldering I

Bouldering Basics60 min. 

Trying to cross the purple plateau?

Learn or revisit the fundamental skills of climbing. Explore a new technique every week and learn how to apply it correctly on the wall. This class is ideal for novice climbers with 2 months of climbing experience.

COST: Free with a membership or Day Pass

Bouldering Basics


At Rock Mill, route setting is more than just a thing we do, it is at the heart of what we do. Our setting team works each week to set new, interesting and challenging routes for all levels of climbers. Rock Mill has the unique advantage of sharing resources with our sister company Rock Candy Holds, a leading climbing hold brand. This allows our setting team to set with the newest shapes and help grow the sport of indoor climbing and the profession of route setting as a whole. What this means for you? There will always be something new for you at Rock Mill.

Abby Cancian | Route Setter/Team Rock Mill

Abby Cancian | Route Setter/Team Rock Mill

Andrew Foster | Route Setter

Andrew Foster | Route Setter

Dave Schultz | Director Of Route Setting/Manager

Dave Schultz | Director of Route Setting/Manager

Nick Kawecki | Route Setter

Nick Kawecki | Route Setter

Tuck Mindrum | Route Setter

Tuck Mindrum | Route Setter


Rock Mill is home to a competitive youth climbing team for kids ages 6-19. Contact our youth coach, Jake Sexton at for more details on the Team Rock Mill program.

Climbing with kids: Our youth team starts at age 6, which is a great time to get kids into climbing. Kids under 6 are welcome to climb as well, though require much more hands-on assistance on the wall. We recommend a one-to-one child to adult ratio with children under 6. All kids wishing to climb, regardless of age, must purchase a day pass or be included in a family membership. Children who are not climbing are welcome in the gym but must stay off the pads and the climbing wall.