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Rock Mill and Rock Candy are proud to present the Rock Candy Classic. On November 2nd  experience a full day of climbing festivities with a USAC Youth Bouldering Local and a Citizens Redpoint Comp for beginner through advanced climbers.

This year, Rock Candy Classic is proud to be a stop along the Buckeye Bouldering Series. Citizens Competition competitors must submit their scores to the series to participate.

Space for both competitions is limited so register today!


USAC Bouldering Local
8:00 am – 1:00 pm
Cost: $50
Register by 10/13 to get $5 off plus a free competition t-shirt!

A competition for youth ages 6-19. Youth must either be members of USA Climbing or purchase a USAC day pass to compete.

Citizens Competition
1:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Cost: $35 member // $40 non-members
Register by 10/13 to get $5 off plus a free competition t-shirt!

A fun competition for adult climbers of all skill levels. See the categories and rules below for more details.

Maroon Rock Candy Classic t-shirt

Get registered by 10/13 to get $5 off plus a free competition t-shirt!


Saturday, November 2nd, 2019

USAC Bouldering Local

8:00am – Registration opens
8:45am – Welcome meeting, review rules
9:00am – 12:00pm – Climb! Competitors have three hours to log scores
12:00pm – Scorecards due
12:45pm – USAC Bouldering Local awards

Citizens Competition

1:30pm – Registration
 – Welcome meeting, review rules
2:45pm – 5:30pm – Climb!
5:30pm – Scorecards due
6:30pm – Citizens Competition awards




Beginner: Climbing greens and some yellows (V0 – V2)
Intermediate: Climbing pinks and some purples (V2 – V4)
Open: Some blues and beyond (V4+)


Beginner: Climbing greens, yellows, and some pinks (V0 – V2)
Intermediate: Climbing purples and some blues (V3 – V5)
Open: Climbing oranges and beyond (V6)


  • Competitors will choose their own categories. Do not sandbag your category, we will bump you! Prize package value increases by category, so climb your hardest.
  • Valid attempts must start on the designated starting hold/holds and finish with both hands on the designated finish hold while showing control.
  • Valid attempts must be documented and signed off on by two individual competitors.
  • Competitors may climb as many routes as they choose, but only the 3 highest point value routes will be counted towards their final total score.
  • In the event of a tie, the total attempts from all weeks will be used to break the tie. Be sure to mark all attempts on your scorecard.


  • Competitors should select a category for the Buckeye Bouldering Series. This will be used for series scoring, not for the Rock Candy Classic Citizens Comp.
    • BBS Male/Female categories are: Recreational, Intermediate, Advanced, Open, Adaptive, Masters
  • You must compete in at least 4 competitions along the series to be eligible for placement. The other series competition dates are:
    • October 12 Vertical Adventures – Columbus
    • October 18 Shaker Rocks – Shaker Heights
    • October 25 RockQuest – Cincinnati
    • November 1 Transcend – Youngstown
    • November 2 Rock Mill – Akron
    • November 9 Climb Time Oakley – Cincinnati
    • November 15 On The Rocks – Elyria
    • November 23 Mosaic – Loveland
    • December 7 Chambers – Columbus
  • Full series details and scores can be viewed here.
  • Make sure you register for the BBS competition through the Vertical-Life app and log your scores. This is the only way your scores will be tallied for the series.


  • Youth ages 6 – 19. All competitors must be hold a USAC Competitor Membership or Intro Membership compete in the morning event. We will be unable to log scores of individuals without memberships!


    • Youth climbers 6 to 19 years of age can compete. USAC members will have their scores logged in the USAC database and count towards their local competition participation requirement.
    • Details on competition structure and rules can be found in the USAC rule book.
    • You MUST have a valid USAC Competitor Membership or Intro Membership and fill out the Visitor Agreement Form before the day of the competition.

This event would not be possible without the help of our amazing sponsors

The Rock Candy Classic takes a lot of work to pull off! You can help out by volunteering to be a judge during the morning USAC Bouldering Local. Sign up here and help give kids a great competitive climbing experience.

Space for both competitions is limited so register today!

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