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Through a unique, non-traditional approach, our yoga and fitness program explores the symmetry between climbing, yoga, movement and functional strength training.

We offer regular, weekly group training sessions and yoga classes in our recently expanded fitness facility, yoga room, & climbing hall that focus on developing physical & mental strength, endurance, mobility, & performance.

Saturday, 19 Oct 2019
  • 9:00 am | YOGA Power - Martha Meyo
Sunday, 20 Oct 2019
  • 9:00 am | YOGA Vinyasa - Matthew DeRubertis
Monday, 21 Oct 2019
  • 5:00 pm | YOGA Yoga for Climbers - Ellie Ewing
  • 6:30 pm | FITNESS AcroFit - Liz & Tom DeWitte
  • 8:00 pm | YOGA Vinyasa - Liz DeWitte
  • 8:00 pm | FITNESS Rings: Training Session - Tim Norris
Tuesday, 22 Oct 2019
  • 12:00 pm | FITNESS Rings: Training Session - Tim Norris
  • 6:30 pm | YOGA Flow Fundamentals - Gretchen Horinger
  • 8:00 pm | YOGA Yoga for Climbers - Gretchen Horinger
Wednesday, 23 Oct 2019
  • 6:00 pm | FITNESS Bouldering Basics
  • 6:30 pm | YOGA Slow Burn - Carly Johnson
  • 8:00 pm | YOGA Vinyasa - Martha Meyo
  • 8:00 pm | FITNESS Movement & Mobility - Tim Norris
Thursday, 24 Oct 2019
  • 12:00 pm | YOGA Power Lunch -- Ellie Ewing
  • 6:30 pm | YOGA Power - Liz DeWitte
  • 8:00 pm | YOGA Release + Recover - Carly Johnson

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Your body will be challenged in an entirely new way as strength and flexibility are maximized in this rigorous, energizing and powerful flow. You will build heat from within connecting each breath to intentional movements.


This series is a deep dive into the fundamentals of yoga postures and provides students with a solid foundation from which they can confidently grow their practice. While this class is beneficial to all levels, beginners are encouraged to start at week one and work through each lesson.

Week One : Standing Postures
Week Two : Bends + Twists
Week Three : Balance + Inversions
Week Four : Straight-up Flow


This 45-minute offers the perfect mid-day reset by serving up a fast-flowing, physically challenging practice of movement with a side of meditation + mindfulness.


Find a sweet release for sore, totally worked muscles by holding & deepening poses as the soft tissue opens to facilitate recovery. In this hour-long all-levels class students will find a physical release for tired and tight muscles while also learning breathing + meditation techniques for active recovery.


This athletic, all-levels class brings the heat with longer holds in alignment specific postures focused on active strength, plus, awareness & use of breath through the crux of a single posture or the entire flow.


This all levels flow will build the foundation for a strong yoga practice and fine-tune that of seasoned yogis. Postures are carefully sequenced and linked with breath to provide balance between ease and effort.


This class aims to create flexibility while testing your existing strength through a flow that is athletic and restorative. Special focus is directed to climbers with flows designed for injury prevention, mobility, and breath.



An acrobatic, control, & resistance class that combines strength training, cardio endurance, & flexibility with partner work that AcroYoga is known for.


Learn or revisit the fundamental skills of climbing. Explore a new technique every week and learn how to apply it correctly on the wall. This class is ideal for novice climbers with 2 months of climbing experience.


Each hour-long session will incorporate a variety of non-traditional approaches to movement & mobility training including, hand balancing, rail walking, movement riddles & games, conditioning through locomotion, & routines for strengthening tendons and improving overall mobility. 


Develop strength in your upper body by training the muscular chains required for both Straight Arm Scapular Strength (SASS) & Bent Arm Strength movements. Body-weight exercises will often be used in addition to the gravity-based ring workouts to improve students’ static and dynamic upper body movements.


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