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Get answers to some of the most common questions below. Still need some info? Give us a call at 330-222-6419 and we’ll be happy to help.

For questions regarding our COVID-19 Reopening Plan, health & safety measures, and reservations, please visit the Reopening Plan page.

Do I have to call ahead or schedule my first visit?

Unless you are planning on attending a class or planning a group outing, there is no need to call ahead. Just show up during our open hours and we will get you checked in and ready to go. Be sure to complete the visitor agreement form ahead of time to streamline the check-in process.

What is bouldering?

Bouldering is a popular style of rock climbing that does not involve ropes or harnesses. The climbing walls are surrounded by a thick foam padding to help absorb the impact of a fall. Bouldering routes at Rock Mill range from 10 – 16 ft in height. We love bouldering because it is one of the most social and community-building forms of climbing.

I have never climbed before, is Rock Mill a good place to start?

Yes! We have routes designed for all abilities that are easily identifiable by the colored holds on the wall. All first-time-visitors watch an orientation video that covers basic bouldering safety and falling techniques. For a more in-depth introduction to bouldering, sign up for our Intro to Bouldering class.

Can I bring my kids climbing?

Bouldering is super fun and kids are naturals at it, but bouldering can also be dangerous and has many risks associated with it. Highly-attentive adult supervision is crucial for the safety of youth and other climbers. Youth 13 and younger must be directly supervised by an adult at all times. The supervising adult and youth will watch a facility orientation video and the adult will be responsible for aiding the youth in following the rules. No more than two children per adult.

While we don’t have a specific age limit for children who desire to climb, our facility and routes are designed for adult climbers, this makes it difficult for smaller children to find routes that suit their body size. It is up to the parent or guardian’s discretion if the child is ready to engage in climbing. An adult must be present directly supervising the child at all times while in the facility. That being said, even young children can successfully engage in the sport of climbing. Our competitive youth climbing team ranges from age 7-18. Contact if you have a youth climber who may be interested in joining the world of competitive climbing.

Do I need special gear to climb at Rock Mill?

Since Rock Mill is a bouldering facility, no ropes or harnesses are needed. We do require that all climbers wear appropriate climbing shoes. Climbing shoes are available to rent for $4 and include a bag of climbing chalk.

How many routes do you have and often do they change?

Typically, you can find around 80 bouldering routes on the wall ranging from beginner to advanced. The route setters put up 20+ new routes each Tuesday and Wednesday so there is always something new to climb!

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