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November 5th - 22nd







We’re hosting a free Member Climbing Competition this November! Test your endurance and compete for prizes among your fellow Rock Mill members.

This competition is for climbers of all levels with Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced categories.

All competitors will self-record climbs using the KAYA app, which can be downloaded on both Apple and Android products.

The app will have a map of Rock Mill, including all of the competition climbs, which you can select and record your performance. You can also post photos & videos of your climbs and make comments. Log the amount of tries it takes for you to send in the KAYA app as you go. 

To set up your KAYA account:

1. Download the app.

2. Create a profile.

3. Follow Rock Mill and check out the gym map.

4. Go to Rock Mill’s Challenges and select “Rock Candy Classic”!


Winners will receive some sweet Rock Mill swag, plus more gear & goodies.


We’re excited to bring some fun back into your 2020 and give you a chance to put your skills to the test!

Sign up by creating your KAYA account today!


This competition is FREE to all members! Create a KAYA account, go to Rock Mill’s profile, and select the Member Comp to sign up!

What category should I compete in?

I am a girl and I can easily climb…
Greens and some yellows (beginner)
Pinks and some purples (intermediate)
Blues, oranges and beyond (advanced)

I am a guy and I can easily climb…
Greens, yellows and some pinks (beginner)
Purples and some blues (intermediate)
Oranges and beyond (advanced)

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