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I LOVE Rock Mill shirt

We are so grateful for the support of our community! Help sustain Rock Mill by pre-ordering your “I LOVE Rock Mill” shirt. This design will only be available for purchase during our closure as a thank you for helping sustain us in this time. You can also add-on a gift card or the new RM Pattern Socks, pictured below.

*Items will be available for pickup when Rock Mill reopens

Rock Mill Themed Socks

Membership unfreeze

Some of you have expressed interest in keeping your membership billing running during this time of closure. We are grateful for your support and would like to offer the opportunity to unfreeze your membership if you wish to do so. The billing date has been adjusted to the 1st of each month, beginning April 1st. You can unfreeze or re-freeze at anytime.

Woman Checking In At Rock Mill With A Yoga Mat And Climbing Shoes

We are so grateful for each of you, whether you’ve visited the gym for an afternoon or have made it your home, thank you!

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