Through a unique, cross-disciplinary approach to training, our fitness program will improve climbing performance & overall fitness for those interested in living dynamic, daring lives.

We offer regular, weekly group training sessions in our recently expanded fitness facility, yoga room, & climbing hall that focus on developing physical & mental strength, endurance, mobility, & performance.

10 days for $10*
New to Rock Mill? Come experience our yoga and fitness program for 10 days for just $10.

Membership Options
unlimited climbing, yoga and fitness
Monthly Membership: $60/mo
One Month Pre-paid: $90

Drop-in/Day use
Drop-in class: $10 (single yoga or fitness class)
Day pass: $16 (unlimited climbing, yoga and fitness)

*10 days for $10 is valid for 10 consecutive days, new students only


AcroFit — 45 min.

An acrobatic, control, & resistance class that combines strength training, cardio endurance, & flexibility with the fun partner work that AcroYoga is known for. 

Bouldering Basics — 60 min.

Learn or revisit the fundamental skills of climbing. Explore a new technique every week and learn how to apply it correctly on the wall. This class is ideal for novice climbers with 2 months of climbing experience.

Movement & Mobility — 60 min. 

Our movement & mobility class will provide you with the tools to increase mobility & active flexibility, develop greater joint health, and improve physical autonomy in a community setting. Each hour-long session, will incorporate a variety of non-traditional approaches to movement & mobility training including, but not limited to, hand balancing, rail walking, movement riddles & games, conditioning through locomotion, & routines for strengthening tendons and improving overall mobility. Class focus alternates weekly between movement & mobility practices. Open to all abilities & experience levels.

Peak Performance — 45 – 60 min. 

This high intensity, group training class takes a climbing specific approach to increasing strength, developing greater raw power, injury prevention & boosting both physical & mental endurance. Workouts are scalable to your experience level & planned out in 6-week cycles focusing on the following areas but, you can jump in anytime:

Strength: Strong focus on antagonistic muscles & strengthening one of your most useful climbing tools-tendons! In this phase we will be building up our tendons and opposing muscles to prevent injury.

Power: This will focus on the raw power to pull one-two hard moves. In this phase we will be focused on bolstering your ability to pull hard!

Power endurance: During endurance we will focus on movements on the wall, when to rest on the climb and building up our anaerobic threshold! In this phase we will be focused on helping you hang on!

Rings — 60 min.

Develop strength in your upper body by training the muscular chains required for both Straight Arm Scapular Strength (SASS) & Bent Arm Strength movements. Body-weight exercises will often be used in addition to the gravity-based ring workouts to improve students’ static and dynamic upper body movements.

Strength — 60 min.

This lower-body strength training session uses technical, weight-based movements focused on explosiveness, mobility, strength, balance, and coordination to help boost your performance on the wall. 


Monday, October 22
  • 6:30 pm | AcroFit - Liz & Tom DeWitte

  • 8:00 pm | Rings: Training Session - Tim Norris

Tuesday, October 23
  • 12:00 pm | Rings: Training Session - Tim Norris

  • 7:00 pm | Peak Performance ( Power ) - Monty Fuss

Wednesday, October 24
  • 6:00 pm | Bouldering Basics

  • 7:00 pm | Movement & Mobility - Tim Norris

  • 8:00 pm | Strength (Lower Body) - Tim Norris

Thursday, October 25
  • 7:00 pm | Peak Performance ( Power ) - Monty Fuss


Liz Dewitte

Liz Dewitte

I am a huge health and fitness advocate. My passion for teaching started in college at Cleveland State University where I was a teaching assistant for neuroscience and gross anatomy…

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Monty Fuss | Peak Performance

Monty Fuss | Peak Performance

Climbing has been an all-consuming part of Monty's life since he was first introduced to the sport in 2011. Putting in long hours & many miles as an avid distance…

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Tim Norris | Movement, Rings, Strength

Tim Norris | Movement, Rings, Strength

Tim started climbing in 2013. The experience ignited a thirst for new and meaningful accomplishments. In 2014, under the tutelage of Antonio Torres, he began studying movement, a school of…

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Tom Dewitte | AcroFit + Strength

Tom Dewitte | AcroFit + Strength

Tom has been involved in the health & fitness community for more than a decade pursuing his personal passions for weight lifting, yoga, Acro Yoga, running, & climbing. Since becoming certified…

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