Through a unique, cross-disciplinary approach to training, our fitness program will improve climbing performance & overall fitness for those interested in living dynamic, daring lives.

We offer regular, weekly group training sessions in our recently expanded fitness facility, yoga room, & climbing hall that focus on developing physical & mental strength, endurance, mobility, & performance.

10 days for $10*
New to Rock Mill? Come experience our yoga and fitness program for 10 days for just $10.

Membership Options
unlimited climbing, yoga and fitness
Monthly Membership: $60/mo
One Month Pre-paid: $90

Drop-in/Day use
Drop-in class: $10 (single yoga or fitness class)
Day pass: $16 (unlimited climbing, yoga and fitness)

*10 days for $10 is valid for 10 consecutive days, new students only


AcroFit — 45 min.

An acrobatic, control, & resistance class that combines strength training, cardio endurance, & flexibility with the fun partner work that AcroYoga is known for. 

Movement & Mobility — 60 min. 

Our movement & mobility class will provide you with the tools to increase mobility & active flexibility, develop greater joint health, and improve physical autonomy in a community setting. Each hour-long session, will incorporate a variety of non-traditional approaches to movement & mobility training including, but not limited to, hand balancing, rail walking, movement riddles & games, conditioning through locomotion, & routines for strengthening tendons and improving overall mobility. Class focus alternates weekly between movement & mobility practices. Open to all abilities & experience levels.

Peak Performance — 45 – 60 min. 

This high intensity, circuit-based training class takes a multi-faceted (sometimes unconventional!) approach to increasing strength, developing greater mobility, improving coordination, injury prevention & boosting both physical & mental endurance. Each session will keep you guessing with a different series of complimentary (agonist-antagonist) exercises from various movement disciplines.

Rings — 60 min.

Develop strength in your upper body by training the muscular chains required for both Straight Arm Scapular Strength (SASS) & Bent Arm Strength movements. Body-weight exercises will often be used in addition to the gravity-based ring workouts to improve students’ static and dynamic upper body movements.

Strength — 60 min.

This lower-body strength training session uses technical, weight-based movements focused on explosiveness, mobility, strength, balance, and coordination to help boost your performance on the wall. 


Wednesday, August 15
  • 7:00 pm | Movement & Mobility - Tim Norris

  • 8:00 pm | Strength (Lower Body) - Tim Norris

Thursday, August 16
  • 7:00 pm | Peak Performance - Monty Fuss

Monday, August 20
  • 6:30 pm | AcroFit - Liz & Tom DeWitte

  • 8:00 pm | Rings: Training Session - Tim Norris

Tuesday, August 21
  • 12:00 pm | Rings: Training Session - Tim Norris

  • 7:00 pm | Peak Performance - Monty Fuss


Liz Dewitte

Liz Dewitte

I am a huge health and fitness advocate. My passion for teaching started in college at Cleveland State University where I was a teaching assistant for neuroscience and gross anatomy…

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Monty Fuss | Peak Performance

Monty Fuss | Peak Performance

Climbing has been an all-consuming part of Monty's life since he was first introduced to the sport in 2011. Putting in long hours & many miles as an avid distance…

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Tim Norris | Movement, Rings, Strength

Tim Norris | Movement, Rings, Strength

Tim started climbing in 2013. The experience ignited a thirst for new and meaningful accomplishments. In 2014, under the tutelage of Antonio Torres, he began studying movement, a school of…

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Tom Dewitte | AcroFit + Strength

Tom Dewitte | AcroFit + Strength

Tom has been involved in the health & fitness community for more than a decade pursuing his personal passions for weight lifting, yoga, Acro Yoga, running, & climbing. Since becoming certified…

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