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March 23rd, 2020

A note from Nathan and Liz:

It’s been one week since Rock Mill closed temporarily and we have been so encouraged seeing the way our community rallies even when separated. Through sharing creative home workouts with the #rockmillcrew or sending encouraging notes, what you do to reach out to each other in this time matters so much!

We would like to share with you what we have been up to in this week as well. After announcing our temporary closure and meeting with our core staff, it quickly became apparent to us that the closure would extend beyond our initial hope of 3 weeks. On Thursday, we made the difficult decision to temporarily lay-off many of our staff with reduced hours for essential roles. While we had hoped to avoid this, we are seeking to safeguard the future of Rock Mill to ensure there are jobs to return to and a space for our community to gather when this is all over.

Nothing about this situation is easy. We love our community, we love our staff, and it can be hard to see how the decisions we are making are in the best interest of the people we serve. A fellow gym owner recently said, “we are people of faith, not fear.” We strongly believe this and are seeking to make decisions out of faith and hope rather than fear or anxiety.

As we roll into week two of this closure, we are offering opportunities for both our members and the wider community to help sustain Rock Mill through these uncertain times. Members now have the opportunity to “unfreeze” their memberships if they wish to do so, with a new billing date of the 1st of the month. Additionally, we are offering a limited edition “I LOVE Rock Mill” shirt for you to pre-order. See all options for sustaining Rock Mill.

We are so grateful for each of you, whether you’ve visited the gym for an afternoon or have made it your home, thank you!

March 15th, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 virus, Rock Mill will be closing temporarily starting Monday, March 16th. This afternoon Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced in a press conference that all restaurant and bars will be required close to the public until further notice. While climbing gyms and other like-facilities were not directly mentioned in his address, we are following suit to do our part in ensuring that this massive disruption will produce the positive public health impact that it is attempting to achieve. We care very much for our community and know that this is just one of many disruptions in your lives. As a business and as a community, we will get through this! We will freeze all monthly memberships and will be extending pre-paid memberships for the duration of the closure. Over the coming days we will be sharing information on how you can stay strong and stay connected to our community during this strange time. We are thankful for your support as always. Stay well.

Please direct all questions, comments and concerns to


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Temporary Closure

Will I still be charged my monthly membership dues while Rock Mill is closed?

All memberships will be frozen for the duration of the closure. No membership or freeze dues will be charged during this time. The only charges you will see from us are for any purchases you charged to your account (a cup of coffee, a snack, etc.) within the past month.

Will my pre-paid membership still be active during the temporary closure?

All pre-paid memberships will be extended until we open again. The only charges you will see from us are for any purchases you charged to your account (a cup of coffee, a snack, etc.) within the past month. Pre-paid memberships will be frozen. Your membership end date will be extended for the length of time the gym is closed.

I signed up for the membership sale before Rock Mill closed. Will I still be charged for my first month while the gym is closed?

Welcome to the Rock Mill Crew! Although these current circumstances are disruptive to the normal flow of things, we are excited to have you join our community. You will not be charged until the gym is open again, at which point you will only be charged for the remainder of the billing period, which ends on the last day of every month.

Why did Rock Mill close?

Rock Mill is doing our part to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus by temporarily closing our doors. We love our community and we want to do our best to ensure everyone stays healthy. As a business and as a community, we will get through this!

How long will Rock Mill be closed?

This situation is constantly evolving and it is not clear how long we will be closed. As a community, we are all in this together and as we get more information we will keep you informed through our website and social media channels. Please stay tuned!

How can I stay engaged with Rock Mill during the closure?

We love our community and we want to stay engaged with you! Here are some ways to stay engaged during our temporary closure:

  1. Check out our Facebook and Instagram for posts we share from our instructors to stay active and engaged in your climbing, yoga, and fitness practices during our temporary closure.
  2. You can follow our instructors to see their updates on training tips and information to help you stay engaged.
  3. You can also tag #RockMillCrew on all of your posts to show us what you’re up to at home, and check out the hashtag to see what other members of the community are up to as well.
  4. Join our Rock Mill Crew Facebook group to stay connected and get notifications from other members.
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