Fitness Room

Rock Mill has a dedicated fitness room with cardio and weight training equipment that is available to all members and day pass users over the age of 15. Not sure where to start or looking to take your training to the next level? Check out the Level Up program to get one-on-one fitness training.

Level Up
Personal Climbing & Fitness Training

The Rock Mill Level Up Program is an individualized training program based around the philosophies of movement and balance. Developing movement and balance on and off the wall will increase your climbing abilities and your overall fitness potential. Our level up program is uniquely tailored to the individual through one-on-one sessions with our climbing and fitness coaches. You set the goals, you set the times, you set the pace, we provide the climbing and fitness experts that will work to educate inspire and motivate you to reach your goals.

How it Works

Call in or stop by the front desk to schedule your free consultation with our coaches. During your consultation, the coaches will help define your goals, recommend the appropriate package, and set up your first training session.  You can set your schedule for the whole program or plan week by week, just be sure to sign up for your training slot a week in advance. Each training block is an hour long.

*Members get a 10% discount on all Level Up packages and sessions.


Pick how often you want to train! Each block is an hour training session. All blocks must be used within an 8-week period.

4 blocks: $200
6 blocks: $275
8 blocks: $325
+ add on session $45

Single Session

Level Up Coaches

Climbing Coach

It’s my belief that balance is the most important aspect of climbing. Knowing how to balance on the wall through movement and technique is a fundamental key to improving as a climber. Not only is it important to learn balance on the wall, but it’s important to find balance in your training between power, conditioning and movement. It is my goal as a coach to help climbers find their perfect balance on and off the wall.

I started climbing in 2005 and have been focused on understanding climbing movement and improving my own movement ever since. I started route setting in 2008 with the goal of better understanding the technical aspects of movement on the wall. As a setter, I learned the need for balance between technical movement and power.